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Lookout for these exciting things in the not so distant future...

Gymnastics Girl

Get ready for the Amazing Superhero - Gymnastics Girl. How will she fair against her arch enemy and will she save her City?


Approx. 10th April 2021

Monster Juice

Checkout the brilliant and exciting story of Monster Juice. A strange crate is delivered to school, will JJ and El discover what it is before it's too late?


Approx. 10th April 2021

Fuzz the Bee 2

Discover the second installment of the Amazing Fuzz the Bee across the sea. What will happen to Fuzz as he learns an important lesson on a trip to find the treasure.

Approx. 10th April 2021

New Blog Posts

From how to' picture book blogs, getting ready for new exciting blogs coming soon...

Coming Soon

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