Tom Story


Nickname: Storyman (I just made that up but thought it sounded cool)

Qualities: Childish, Hard Working, Creative


Tom Story is the creator of Tom's Storytime. As a teacher and father of two little Sprites, picture books were a natural outlet for his child like imagination and progressive nature. Tom is part of a big teacher and picture book author community and has his books on award winning apps such as Bookful.


Tom has a vision of bringing picture books to kids across the world in a bid to grow readers and offer education, fun and excitment to all. 

Tom says...

'Each step forward is a stepping stone to wonder.'

Neil Coyne

Top Illustrator

Nickname: Neilybobs, Coyney.

Qualities: A Big Kid, Dyslexic, Imagination.

About: Neil is an English man living in France, a freelance trainer, but also a web developer and graphic designer and self proclaimed geek (before it was cool to be a geek). Neil started digital drawing and creating characters when he was just 13, coding in BASIC on an old BBC computer (he comes from a time when computer games had to be coded by hand before you could play - his words).


Since then, Neil has been around a lot and learned a lot. He now has the pleasure of passing on all the things he's learned to other, making things work well and look pretty...that's his job.


Smartest thing Neil has said...


'You know when you are an adult when you can choose to be a child.' 

Muzna Roghay

Top Illustrator

Nickname: Super Muzna

Qualities: Creative, Speedy, Highly Talented.

About: Muzna believes books are a way of delivering yourself into an unexplored parallel world, whether it be reading them or creating them! After doing her Bachelors in Fine Art, she decided to use her art practice to cater to her childhood love of books, so she became a professional book illustrator. Her aim is to create artwork full of colour and texture to refresh the reader from the seriousness of day to day life.

Muzna says

'Books are a way of delivering yourself into an unexplored parallel world.'

Cameron Wocke

Top Illustrator

Nickname: Cam or Camo (just made that up, he doesn't know.

Qualities: Amazing Illustrator, Patient and Creative.

About: Cameron is an illustrator and creative thinker that explores the nature of the world through the lens of art. He strives to create any form of art and experiment with any form of medium. He is willing to dedicate all of the time and effort needed to grow as an artist. He obtained his Bachelor Degree for Visual Communication in 2019 and is currently experimenting with many artistic styles, specifically that of children's books.

Cam says...

'I want to explore the wonders of the world through a lens.'

Lesley De'Ath

Top Illustrator

Nickname: Super Lesley, Art Queen

Qualities: Creative, Funny and Super Skilled with a Camera or Paintbrush.

About: Lesley grew up in Wimbledon and now lives in Surrey with her partner, daughter and two cats. After completing a Art Foundation Course , she went onto do a degree in Lens and Digital Media at Anglia Ruskin University achieving a 2:1.

As well as working full time, Lesley works as a brilliant freelance illustrator. A lot of her inspiration comes from nature with much of her focus on plants and animals - such as her two cats. She is surrounded by the beautiful Surrey Hills which offers a lot of inspiration as well as her daughter who helps her create quirky little stories and illustrations.

Lesley says...

'A lot of my inspiration comes from Nature and the Beautiful World around me.'