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Welcome to the Magical World of Tom's Storytime, with secrets hidden beneath each picture book. Tom's Storytime was created by Teacher, Author and Parent, Tom Story and designed for teachers and parents to help kids grow and connect with picture books while making brilliant readers in a fun and engaging way. Tom's Storytime is comprised of numerous books written by Tom Story and illustrated by various talented Artists, while all other materials from Read Along Videos to Fill in Blank resources, he designed and created to help readers connect with books and grow a true lifelong love of reading - plus an element of fun, excitement and adventure.  


Brief About Tom - Tom Story is an Admin for a Children's Book Group that boasts over 5.2K Members and a Moderator for a Teacher Group that boasts over 182K Members. Tom is a full time teacher and full time Author and Creator at the same time while also being a parent of 2 young sprites (another FT job on its own - but the most enjoyable one). Tom is an active member of the picture book and teaching community and has been fortunate enough to have his picture books published on Highly Popular Apps such as the Award Winning Bookful App.



Tom Story is a creative and thoughtful Author. Apart from some fun and silly books, there is often a moral lesson and different values to help kids grow, not just into brilliant and engaged readers, but develop a fresh perspective and therefore bring reason to their understanding of the wider world.


How to use Tom's Storytime

There are currently 21 picture books as of March 5th 2021 and 6 interactive books. Each picture book has its own Audio Book, Read Along, SRS Feature, Flipbook (cool eBook) and Just Storytelling Feature to go along with numerous materials such as Read Along Text or Fill in the blank. To Access it all, simply sign up for one of our membership options, login in, then access all books and their hidden secrets through our Magical Library. Use the Home or Library Icon to take you back.

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